Corporate Social Responsibility

Concept Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd. believes in sustainable development and integrates fully with communities to achieve inclusive growth for larger community and particularly for the lesser privileged sections of society. After our successful journey and growth, we believe in giving back to society and to the larger community.
At Concept, we understand that to achieve sustainable development, it is important to amalgamate the requirements of our stakeholders and our customer community. We do not take for granted the privileges offered to us and pride us on being a company offering highly sustainable architectural solutions that are good for the community and environment as well. CSR is one of the prime focus areas of our company. We bring in collective efforts and energy through our company, staff and employees who contribute to the larger community by providing facilities, financial support and services to ensure that the society gets benefitted. To contribute in this regard, we are supporting various NGOs and taking part in various green initiatives like tree plantation drives.

Our own head office in Mumbai has been built on a sustainable architectural pattern to ensure maximum availability of natural light. We have educational programs that impart education to community members to ensure protection of environment and lowering of the greenhouse effect. Our architectural designs provide for extensive and sustainable usage of LEDs and natural light to ensure lower power consumption and efficient environment protection.

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